1. 不知道该卖多少钱

One of the most costly errors a business owner can make is not knowing the approximate price of his or her business prior to entering the selling process. Although the marketplace ultimately determines the final price, an owner needs to know what the approximate price his or her business is prior to placing the business on the market. 在决定出售之前, owners should work with someone qualified to place a price on their company.

An experienced business broker has both the technical ability and the market experience to produce the most realistic pricing opinion. The business broker will also be the only alternative for supporting his or her opinion by selling the business.




公平市场价值 is the highest price the buyer is willing to pay and the lowest price the seller is willing to accept.

2. 不准备出售企业

确定起始价格只是第一步. Prior to exposing the business to the marketplace, preparation is necessary. A business is certainly not a house, but the same attention to appearance prior to sale is necessary. 财务和法律事务应及时处理. Anything a potential purchaser might want to see should be up-to-date, 准确且可用于审核.

Momentum is very important in business transactions and can make or break a deal. The constant need to develop information for a serious prospect will destroy momentum and with it, 可能, 这笔交易. Demonstrating preparedness places the business in a favorable light and prospective buyers will feel comfortable that everything is in order. 没有做好准备可能会推迟结案, 创造昂贵的支出来追赶, and cause prospective purchasers to lose confidence in 这笔交易 itself. 太多的时间几乎总是不利于交易的发生.

3. Not being able to see their business through the eyes of a buyer

这对任何卖家来说都是非常困难的. It is only natural to see one’s own business in a most favorable light and overlook the blemishes or problems inherent in any business. 卖方必须实事求是地做生意, 知道潜在买家也会这么做. 通过认识到他们业务的不足, sellers are in a much better position to deal with the concerns of the buyer. 事实上, the best way to handle any potential problem areas is to bring them up in the very beginning.

4. 不真正了解买家

你越了解买家,交易就越顺利. 通过了解买家, 他们的动机, 他们的兴趣和背景, the better equipped a seller is to make informed decisions about whether they are the right people to operate the business. 最后谈判开始时, knowing the buyers can help resolve some of the issues that will arise. 他们的兴趣和你的一样吗? If you, as the seller, are financing 这笔交易, do you feel confident that they can make the payments? The more you know about why a buyer wants to buy your business, the better position you are in to know when to be firm in the negotiations and when to be flexible.

5. 试图把公司卖给一个不想买的买家

There are usually many more potential buyers than there are businesses for sale. 问题是,他们有多严重? A buyer may indicate a great deal of interest but when it gets down to the wire, 他或她可能会退出交易. 有些买主只想按他们的条件购买, 有些公司可能需要取悦太多的决策者, 还有一些人只想买“完美”的生意. Wasting time on those who aren’t serious about purchasing a business takes away valuable time from those buyers who really want to buy.

6. 做自己最大的敌人

Many business owners feel that no one knows their business like they do. 他们认为自己可以做一笔交易. 他们不需要,也不想要任何帮助. 他们以为自己是律师, 会计师, business brokers and outside advisors all rolled up into one person. Then when the going gets tough, they become impatient and inflexible. They then blame others, usually the buyer, when 这笔交易 blows up. As the old saying goes: “The attorney who represents himself has a fool for a client.” The same could be said for the business owner who thinks he can sell his or her own business. Not using outside advisors, such as a professional business broker, is a serious mistake.

7. 不理解交易的结构

Regardless of the size of 这笔交易 this could be the scenario: an offer is presented, 卖主看了看价格, 立即说“不”,并拒绝进一步调查. 价格在合理范围内是无关紧要的. 这笔交易的真正关键在于其结构. Consider the negotiating axiom “You can name the price if I can name the terms.“条款和条件很重要. A seller may be ecstatic about price only to find that the devil is in the details.

8. 不能放弃这笔交易

Too many sellers get so involved in trying to put a deal together that they don’t see the big picture. 他们没有意识到这不是一笔好交易. In other words, it’s time to walk away from 这笔交易 and go on to the next one. 许多卖家不想让这笔交易溜走. 因为他们投入了大量的时间和精力, 和可能费用, 要结束这段感情通常很难. 然而,在某些情况下,这正是必须要做的. If 这笔交易 isn’t right, and can’t be fixed, there is no other choice. 不做交易总比做坏交易好得多!

9. 等太久才卖掉

Too many owners wait until the last minute to decide to sell their business. 他们一直等到生意萧条, 或者他们完全精疲力尽了, 或者他们的商业伙伴关系完全恶化了. 出售的时机是在紧急情况发生之前. 生意好的时候就是卖出的时候. 卖出的时机是在激怒来临之前. The old adage is that a business owner should think about and plan the eventual sale of the business the day after it is started or purchased.

10. 改变你的思想

销售进展顺利, 买方很高兴,卖方很好, 卖家正在考虑没有这家店的生活. He or she realizes that when the business is gone, they will have nothing to do. The business has been a major part of their life for many years. 在交易结束前, the seller decides that he or she can’t live without the business and 这笔交易 starts to unravel. 有时, seller’s remorse arises because a business acquaintance says the price was too low, or there isn’t enough cash involved or offers some other uninformed reason. If it was a good deal in the beginning, don’t let well-meaning outsiders influence the sale. And, if there is even a speck of doubt about selling the business, don’t begin the process. 等到没有一丝怀疑的时候.


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